Wilson Clash 100 Review: Best Tennis Racquet for Control

If you are to name the top 5 tennis racket brands of all time, I am quite sure you will include Wilson. Wilson is one of the most famous tennis equipment manufacturers worldwide. Wilson’s state of the art rackets are loved by both casual and professional tennis players. One of the great tennis players of all time, Roger Federer, has used Wilson tennis rackets throughout his career, so they must be doing something right :-). The Wilson Clash 100 tennis racket is one of the favorite rackets of tennis players and I want to have a look at the features, technologies, and pros & cons of this racket. My Wilson Clash 100 review will help you determine if this racket is right for you. 

I used this racket for quite a while myself. Well, I might not be a great tennis player, but I do think I am good enough to understand the quality of a racket as I have been playing tennis for quite some time and used a good number of rackets. In this review I try to give a balanced, objective review because each tennis player has their own playing styles & preferences which is why I don’t only tell you about my experience with the Wilson Clash 100 tennis racket, but have researched and brought you information which will help you decide if this racket will help take your tennis game to the next level. Take a look at the most comprehensive Wilson Clash 100 review:





Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet Review

Overall Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Player Level: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Type: All-round / Control

Length: 27 inches(675 mm)

Flex: Free Flex Technology

Balance: Head Light

Balance Point: 12.6 inches(320mm)

Frame: Graphite

Head Size: 100 square inches(645 square mm)

Weight: 10.9 ounces(309g)

String Pattern: 16/19

Recommended String Tension: 48-58lbs

Grip Size:  4 1/2 in(114mm), 4 3/8 in(111mm), 4 1/4 in(108mm), 4 1/8 in(105mm)


Wilson Clash 100 Specs & Features

Design and Build

If you are looking for a large, but light racket then the Wilson Clash 100 will serve you well. With a large head size of 100 square inches, the Wilson Clash 100 tennis racket is built for beginner to pro level tennis players. It’s definitely not one of the stiffest rackets on the market and the graphite frame compliments that very well. 

The most amazing part of the design of the Wilson Clash 100 tennis racquet is its flexible nature. Despite the large head size, it only weighs 10.9 ounces when strung. As a result, it is very easy to maneuver. Players who love speed and acceleration will find this racket an ideal racket of choice. 


There are two innovative technologies that are responsible for the flexible nature of this racket. With FreeFlex and StableSmart the racket feels really crisp and solid and at the same time does not weigh that much. 


The color combination of black, gray and red is liked by many who play with this racket, but some are not a fan. Color is obviously a personal preference & shouldn’t really be a reason to buy or not buy a tennis racket. Anyways, a racket’s color will not determine how well you will play with it, so it’s not a reason to overlook the other qualities this racket has. 

Strings and Grip

I have seen a lot of players falling for a racket’s size, material, and implemented technologies while totally ignoring the grip. This is a grave mistake. You have to hold your racket first before you can actually hit the tennis ball and then start winning matches. If the grip your racket comes with is not good, then you are not going to play well. 

I don’t think you have anything to worry about the grip of the Wilson Clash 100 tennis racquet. It has a standard grip size choice of 4 1/2 in(114mm), 4 3/8 in(111mm), 4 1/4 in(108mm) & 4 1/8 in(105mm). The handle part of the racket is slightly heavier than the head, and the grip feels quite comfortable. The standard grip size means you can easily wrap an overgrip if you have a bigger palm and want to hold the racket firmly. The best part is that it comes with a pre-installed Wilson Pro Performance grip. This is one of the most popular grips from Wilson, and my experience with this has been great so far. However, I don’t have sweaty hands in particular, so you may want to get a towel overgrip if your hands sweat a lot during a match. 

The string setup of the Wilson Clash 100 aims for speed and spin. It has a one-piece string setup with no shared holes. The 16 mains/19 crosses pattern is pretty standard. There’s nothing fancy about string tension as well, as it ranges from 48 to 58 pounds. 



Pros and Cons


  • The Wilson Clash 100 is one of the most flexible tennis rackets you can find at this price point. With technologies like FreeFlex and StableSmart, this racket is great for versatile players who love long rallies and aim to force an error from their opponent. 
  • This racket is great for beginner to advanced level players. Despite having a large sweet spot, it’s not very heavy. It makes it much easier for beginner players to get the hang of the basics of tennis. 
  • As the Wilson Clash 100 is made of graphite, this is a racket that will last for an extended period of time. If you buy this racket you won’t have to buy another for at least two years, unless you are prone to racket abuse 🙂 
  • It comes with a really good quality grip. The Wilson Pro Performance grip feels great in hand, and provides the perfect support to generate speed and spin. 
  • The string tension of the Wilson Clash 100 is really convenient for beginner players because it belongs to the range where receiving the ball is much easier even with a low level of skill. 


  • If you are a power player, this racket is not for you. The Wilson Clash 100 is designed and developed mainly for players who want control & those who love flexibility, speed, and spin. It does not generate enormous power for the users to overwhelm their opponents. If you are looking for something powerful then the Babolat Pure Drive is a great choice.



In my experience, this is one of the best tennis rackets any tennis player can buy. Sure, it is not as cheap as some other rackets, but the control that the Wilson Clash 100 tennis racket gives players makes it worth it’s weight in gold. It’s one of the rare tennis rackets on the market today that can be used by beginner & advanced players alike. It is highly recommended. 

What do you think of the Wilson Clash 100? Have you used it before? Let me know in the comment section. 

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