Squash is a great racket sport which has been voted by Forbes magazine as the healthiest sport and anyone who walks off a squash court after a match will attest to what a great workout it gives your body.

Squash is played around the world by both male & female players of all ages. The sport of squash is played indoors and can be played as singles matches(1 player vs 1 player) and doubles(2 players vs 2 players). The basic equipment used is a squash racket and a squash ball which has a diameter of between 39.5mm – 40.5mm. For a more comprehensive list of squash equipment & recommendations take a look at our article on Squash Gear needed.

The sport of squash has always been an awesome sport to play, but has had it’s limitations in terms of a spectator sport. The number of spectators watching squash has increased due to the construction of glass squash courts which allows spectators to have a much better view as well as the use of white squash balls which make it easier for spectators to keep track of the ball. This has resulted in some international tournaments being televised which has assisted in making the sport more popular and thus introducing more new players to the sport.

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