Best Squash Racquets For Beginners, Intermediate And Advanced Squash Players

Squash is a very enjoyable sport that you can immediately start playing even if you haven’t played a racket sport before. Due to fairly simple rules, the learning curve of squash is not steep at all. All you need to do is grab your squash racket and go to your local club to play.

Speaking of rackets, squash players of any level should give enough importance to their racket preferences. Even if you don’t want to play squash professionally, playing with the best squash racquets will make you feel good & will contribute to the overall improvement of your game. You may wonder which squash racket is perfect for you and I want to help you out.

In this article I will give three recommendations of the best squash racquets, one each for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. 

I chose the squash rackets based on my years of experience in the game, as well as feedback from other top players. However, you might not agree with my recommendations, and that’s completely okay. Different players have different priorities & playing styles, strengths & weaknesses and I totally respect that. What works for me might not work for you, and vice versa. 

If you need to know what squash equipment you need to be the best squash player you can be then take look at our comprehensive List of Squash Gear & Equipment, with Product Recommendations.

Let’s get into the recommendations & squash racquet reviews for beginner, intermediate & advanced squash players! 


Head i110 Squash Racquet: Beginner’s Choice

Head i110 Squash Racquet




Head i110 Squash Racquet Review

Overall Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Swing Style: Power

Length: 27 inches(686 mm)

Balance: Head Heavy – 14 – 14 3/4 inches(355-375 mm)

Head Size: 77 square inches(495 square cm)

Frame: Titanium/ Graphite Composite

Beam: 3/4 inch (19.5 mm)

Weight:  3.9 ounces(110g)

String Pattern: 12/17

Grip Size: 3 7/8 inches(98 mm)

To consider a squash racket as the best beginner’s squash racquets choice, you need to understand the priorities of a beginner level player. Beginners have recently been introduced to the sport of squash & are getting the hang of the game. As they are not very skillful or are still learning the correct techniques, they will find it difficult on occasion to time their shots, will struggle to reach corners, and won’t be able to move around with ease or in the most energy efficient manner. What they need is a lightweight racket with a large sweet spot, at the same time capable of generating enough power. And the Head i110 ticks all those boxes. 

This squash racket is made of titanium and carbon fiber, keeping the weight under control. On top of that, durability is not compromised as both carbon fiber and titanium are exceptionally strong. This is important for beginner players because they tend to hit the side & back walls of the squash court more often than those who have learnt to understand which shots to use at what time. It’s large head size comes with a larger sweet spot, making it easier for beginners to time their shots. Though it is not one of the premium rackets manufactured by Head, it includes the signature Head Intelfibre technology, providing more control by eliminating up to 20% vibration during impact. 

It also has another signature technology from Head, called PowerFrame. It offers firm grip, advanced stability, and more power, combined with standard string tension. Beginners are not good at stringing their rackets, and they won’t have to do it themselves with this racket as it is pre-strung. 


  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced Maneuverability
  • Intelfibre Technology
  • PowerFrame Technology
  • Large Sweet Spot


  • A bit on the expensive side

Head i110 Squash Racquet Product Reviews From Customers

Take a look at these 5 star Amazon reviews written by actual purchasers of the Head i110 Squash Racket:

“It definitely help me improve my game. I am beginner-intermediate Level. It is nice and light but it has good power. I am very happy with it.” Review by G. Sanchez from the United States
“I am an average player and play squash 3-4 times per week. This is a lightweight racquet that handles well and enables some powerful hits. I also have a Head Ti100 racquet, but I like the i110 slightly better. Both Head racquets are durable. In the past three years, I broke 2 Prince and 1 Dunlop racquet, but the Head racquets are able to take a beating without breaking.” Review by MattMan from The USA

Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 X-Speed: For Intermediate Squash Players

Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 X-Speed Squash Racquet





Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 X-Speed Squash Racquet Review

Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Swing Style: Offensive Play

Length: 27 inches(685 mm)

Balance: Even – 13 3/4 inches(350 mm)

Head Size: 77.5 square inches(500 square cm)

Frame: Graphite

Weight:  4.4 ounces(125g)

String Pattern: 14/18

Grip: Squash Dry

Just like Head, Tecnifibre is another big brand name in the squash racket industry. Their Carboflex series is a top choice for professional level players. The Carboflex 125 X-Speed is one of the best squash racquets the Carboflex series has to offer. 

Intermediate level players are pretty good at squash. These players are obviously not as good as the pros, but they have played the game for a few months at least and understand the basic strategies very well. They are also skillful enough to make best use of the resources their racket has to offer. They wouldn’t mind a bit of weight, and a unique shaft geometry. That’s why I believe the Carboflex 125 X-Speed is the best squash racket for intermediate players. 

I’d have to say this racket is a bit on the heavier side, weighing almost 130 grams. This weight is justified though because of the large head size it comes with. The weight distribution is done in a way that will not make you feel that your racket is a heavy one. The large head size is also complimented with DNMAX 1.2 “17 gauge strings, providing really decent control and power. You’ll immediately notice the crisp swing when you strike the ball. 

Another great thing about the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 X-Speed squash racket is its premium quality grip. The grip feels so good in your hand that very few players consider changing it when they first buy the racket, or even wrap an overgrip over it. Exactly what you need as an intermediate level squash player! 


  • Large Sweet Spot
  • DNMAX 1.2 ’17 gauge Strings
  • Balanced Weight Distribution
  • Efficient Shaft Geometry
  • Unique Shaft Geometry


  • A bit on the heavier side

Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 X-Speed Product Reviews From Customers

Take a look at a couple of Amazon 5 star reviews from those that purchased & use the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 X-Speed Squash Racquet:

“Great balance and maneuvering through air, feels light, you can feel the difference from the word go”    Review by  Bzbee from India

“Very impressed with this racquet” Review by Chris from the UK



Head Graphene XT Xenon 135: For Advanced Squash Players

Head Graphene XT Xenon 135 Squash Racquet




Head Graphene XT Xenon 135 Squash Racquet Review

Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Length: 27 inches(686 mm)

Balance: Head Heavy –  14 1/2 inches(370 mm)

Head Size: 71.3 square inches(460 square cm)

Frame: Graphene

Beam:  0.65-0.8 inches(16.5mm – 20.2mm)

Weight:  4.8 ounces(135g)

String Pattern: 14/16 + 20/16

Grip Size: Hydrosorb Pro Grip

If I am to choose a squash racket for professional players, no wonder I would go with one from the Head Graphene series. This series is one of the most celebrated one among squash players all over the world, and rightly so. 

The best part about the Graphene series is the variety of options it comes with. You need a heavy racket? This is series has one. You need a lightweight? The Graphene series got you covered. Graphene is the core material in this racket, and it is probably the most durable and flexible one around. 

The actual brilliance can be seen on the design of this racket. It is a racket built for players with decent shot placement. It has a comparatively thinner beam for providing more aerodynamics. Coming with Graphene XT technology, the Head Graphene XT Xenon combines maneuverability very well with speed, without having to compromise with accuracy. This is why it’s one of the best squash racquets on the market today.

From the tip to the end of the grip, this racket has optimal distribution of weight. The top and bottom part is heavier than the middle, so that the players can generate more kinetic energy. You will be able to generate a lot of power with minimal energy. 


  • Graphene 200 times stronger than steel so very durable racket
  • Optimal weight distribution
  • Great for shot placement
  • Perfect combination of speed and maneuverability
  • Compliments high level of play very well


  • Expensive


Head Graphene XT Xenon 135 Product Reviews From Customers

Take a look at these Amazon reviews written by confirmed purchasers of the Head Graphene XT Xenon 135 Squash Racquet:

“I researched this racket online before buying it and this confirmed that it was a really good racket for its price and it hasn’t disappointed. It appears to be well made, is light and relatively evenly and well balanced. Colour is great and the stringing pattern is good. I wish my game was easy to improve as I getting fairly slow but it has made a difference and it performs well with power and accuracy.” Review written by Jamie from the UK

“Better than what i have expected. Just right racquet for me” Review by Zoo Yik of The USA




These are the three rackets I consider to be the best squash racquets for three different player categories. However, that does not mean that a beginner level player should not try a pro level racket. You should choose a squash racquet that feels best in your hand and which is able to support your playing style. Take a look at my comprehensive article on the Best Tecnifibre Squash Rackets.

Let me know your thoughts on this! Please feel free to comment on my choices for the best squash racquets for beginners, intermediate & advanced squash players.

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