Table tennis is a great sport to play competitively or socially with family & friends. Table tennis was invented in the 1880’s in England when the game makers wanted to replicate the popularity of tennis by developing a version which could be played indoors. Table Tennis has been a Summer Olympic Games inclusion since 1988 & the medals have been dominated by Chinese table tennis players.

The sport is played as a singles(1 player vs 1 player) or doubles(2 players vs 2 players) match and is played competitively in most parts of the world. It’s popularity as a social sport played by family & friends is due to the fact that it can be played in a relatively small space compared to other racket sports. Many homes have table tennis tables and the fact that most table tennis tables can be folded up for easy storage when not being used helps reduce the space needed. If you want a comprehensive list of the Table Tennis Equipment needed, with recommendations, please take a look at our article.

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