Tennis racket & tennis ball on tennis court


Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. Based on the International Tennis Federation Global Tennis Report of 2019 it is estimated that there are approximately 87 million tennis players worldwide. Tennis is popular with both males(53%)

Badminton racket & badminton shuttlecock on a badminton court


Badminton is an incredibly popular sport which is played the world over. Badminton is played competitively in many Asian & European countries, but is played socially by friends & family in many more countries. The sport was first played by

Pickleball paddles & pickleball balls on a pickleball court


Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the USA and is a very popular racket sport globally. It’s played by players of all ages and is described as a sport which combines elements of tennis, badminton & table tennis.  Pickleball

Racquetball racket, racquetball ball, racquetball glove, racquetball protective eyewear on a racquetball court


Racquetball is a great racket sport which was invented by a professional tennis & handball player by the name of Joseph Sobek in 1950. It’s mostly played indoors, but there are some outdoor courts which are usually repurposed handball courts.

Squash rackets & squash ball on a squash court


Squash is a great racket sport which has been voted by Forbes magazine as the healthiest sport and anyone who walks off a squash court after a match will attest to what a great workout it gives your body. Squash

Table tennis bat & table tennis net on table tennis table


Table tennis is a great sport to play competitively or socially with family & friends. Ping Pong, as it’s commonly known, was invented in the 1880’s in England when the game makers wanted to replicate the popularity of tennis by – Helpful Racket Sports Information

Best Racket is the top source of information for those who play or are thinking of starting to play tennis, badminton, pickleball, racquetball, squash or table tennis. Whether you’re a total newbie to one of these sports or are an advanced level player you’ll find what you need to be the best player you can be.

The information we provide includes details of everything you could possibly need to play one of these racket sports. We also go one step further by giving you recommendations and reviews of the best racket sport equipment which will help you enjoy the sport more and play better. Each racket sport featured on Best Racket has 3 categories of information which can easily be accessed via the main menu above. The 3 categories are “Tips & Tricks”, “Product Reviews” & ” News & Updates”

Tips & Tricks

The Tips & Tricks category includes important tips such as the most comprehensive lists of equipment & accessories needed to play that particular racket sport. These lists include descriptions of each type of equipment or accessory and why it’s needed for that sport. Each type of equipment or accessory on the list also includes at least 5 of the best items which we’d recommend, including the items name, an image of the item as well as that item’s star rating out of 5. All of these pieces of equipment or accessories are recommended based on our extensive research.

Many people want to know what equipment & accessories they need in order to play their chosen racket sport & to play it to the best of their ability. The problem is that there is very little information online which gives the details that everyone needs. This is exactly why we decided to compile the most comprehensive lists of equipment & accessories for each of the racket sports.

The Tennis Equipment List includes tennis rackets, tennis balls, tennis ball pressurizers, men’s & women’s tennis shoes, tennis bags, tennis racket strings, tennis string savers, tennis racket vibration dampeners, tennis grips, women’s & men’s tennis shirts, tennis shorts, skirts, skorts & dresses, tennis socks, tennis headbands & caps, wristbands, towels, water bottles, first aid kits, sunscreen, tennis ball machines, nets & net posts, tennis ball hoppers & tennis courts squeegees.

The Badminton Equipment List includes badminton rackets, badminton shuttlecocks, badminton sets, men’s & women’s badminton shoes, badminton bags, badminton racket strings, racket string pull hooks, badminton racket grips, badminton nets & net poles, women’s & men’s badminton shirts, badminton shorts, skorts & skirts, socks, headbands & wristbands, water bottles, first aid kits, racket stringing machines & badminton shuttlecock machines.

The Pickleball Equipment List includes pickleball paddles, paddle covers, pickleball balls, nets, women’s & men’s pickleball shoes, pickleball bags, sets, grip tape, pickleball clothing, gloves, caps & visors, pickleball eye protection equipment, sweatbands, socks, water bottles, towels, first aid kits, pickleball ball hoppers, pickleball machines & tennis court squeegees.

The Racquetball Equipment List includes racquetball racquets, racquetball balls, racquetball sets, men’s & women’s racquetball shoes, racquetball glasses, goggles & eyewear, racquetball gloves, racquetball clothes, racquetball bags, grips, racquetball strings, sweatbands, water bottles, first aid kits & scoreboards.

The Squash Equipment List includes squash rackets, balls, women’s & men’s squash shoes, bags, squash racket strings, squash racket grips, squash goggles, glasses & eyewear, men’s & women’s squash shirts, men’s squash shorts, women’s squash shorts & skorts, wristbands & headbands, squash gloves, towels, water bottles & first aid kits.

The Table Tennis Equipment List includes ping pong paddles, ping pong balls, ping pong tables, ping pong table covers, ping pong table tops, ping pong nets, table tennis blades, ping pong rubbers, ping pong paddle cases, ping pong paddle covers, ping pong paddle holders, ping pong paddle cleaners, table tennis glue, ping pong clothing including men’s & women’s table tennis shirts, men’s ping pong shorts, women’s table tennis shorts & skorts, men’s & women’s table tennis shoes, sweatbands, water bottles, first aid kits, ping pong backpacks & bags and ping pong robots.

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Product Reviews

The Product Reviews category contains comprehensive reviews of the best products used when playing your chosen racket sport. We take the time to do the research needed to bring you the most comprehensive information & detailed reviews. We understand that it’s a long & tiresome process & we know that you’d rather be on the court than doing homework on which is the best racket, ball or whatever other piece of equipment you need. The reviews include valuable information which you can use to make informed decisions on what piece of equipment is best for your particular needs.

We realized that there is a shortage of quality reviews of racket sport equipment. Whether you’re looking to start playing tennis, badminton, pickleball, racquetball, squash or table tennis for the first time and you’re deciding what is the best racket or paddle to purchase or you’re an advanced level player looking to purchase the best strings for your racket or ping pong rubbers for your ping pong paddles then we want to be the go to resource.

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News & Updates

The News & Updates category brings you the latest news & updates available for tennis, badminton, pickleball, racquetball, squash & table tennis. We bring you topical news about the top players, tournaments and any news related to the racket sports that we love so much. We also bring you updates such as rule changes and any other information we think will be helpful to the racket sport players & fans alike. Nowadays we’re inundated with news from different sources such as main stream media, social media & digital media. Bestracket,com brings our visitors the news that relates specifically to the racket sport which they are playing, watching as a spectator or following as a fan.

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