Prince Pro Airstick Lite 550 Squash Racquet Review

Prince Pro AirStick Lite 550 Squash Racquet is another iconic racquet from the Prince stable. It’s been around for a few years now, but it remains one of the favorites of players of all skill levels and experience.

Prince Squash has added TeXtreme to make this squash racquet even more powerful! Those who love a light weight squash racket which has plenty of power will love the Prince Pro Airstick Lite 550 Squash Racquet.

prince pro airstick lite 550 squash racquet

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A Racquet That’s Stood The Test Of Time

This long-standing classic from Prince gives players of all levels the power, control, and crisp feel they need on the squash court. 

The lightweight Pro Airstick Lite 550 Squash Racket is light and easy to use. This is thanks to its mid-plus head which gives players awesome control and plenty of power.

TeXtreme technology provides additional power, superior accuracy, response, and torsional stability.

Power Ring Technology

Power Ring technology allows for a larger sweetspot. This technology also moves it higher in the frame, where most balls are hit. This makes it easier for you to hit the balls that are extremely close on the sidewall. Having the ability to return those very tight shots will deflate your opponent. It also gives you plenty of confidence to win your squash match.

This full graphite racquet with a lightweight construction that offers exceptional shock absorption, power and stability is a popular choice for children. This is due to how light it feels in the hand while still giving kids the power and control they need to hone their skills on the court.

This is one of the most popular performance squash racquets in the world. It’s obvious why after you play your first match with this racket.

Great Squash Racquet For All Ages And Abilities

This racquet is a great choice for all players, regardless of their age, ability or gender which is why we absolutely recommend it to our readers.

Prince Pro Series brings the Prince AirStick Lite X 550 squash racquet. The fact that it’s stayed popular for so long shows what a great squash racquet it is. Only racquets that perform consistently for players over time stand the test of time and remain on the market for extended periods of time.


  • Weight :Unstrung 130 grams
  • Grip: Prince Resipro
  • Headsize 74.5 in/ 480 cm2
  • Balance Point: Unstrung 36.0 cm
  • Power Level 550
  • Factory String: Prince 17G Black
  • String Pattern 16 x 17
  • Grip: Prince Resipro

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If you’re a beginner to intermediate squash player, irrespective of your age we would highly recommend that you try the Prince Pro AirStick Lite 550 Squash Racquet today and see for yourself what a positive impact this racket will have on your squash game. Now that you’ve read this review it’s time to go out & try it for yourself!

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