Niupipo MX-06 Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball is an exceptionally enjoyable game to play, specifically when you have the right gear at hand such as the Niupipo MX-06 Pickleball paddle. For dedicated pickleball players, pickleball paddles are like their trusted companion. After all, Pickleball paddles assist you in bringing out your best game. 

Niupipo is one of the most trusted pickleball paddle manufacturers. The Niupipo MX-06 graphite pickleball paddle has made very positive waves recently. This article is meant to provide you with an in-depth evaluation of the Niupipo MX-06 pickleball paddle. 

What Does The Niupipo MX-06 Pickleball Paddle Offer Niupipo MX-06 Graphite Pickleball Paddles

The Niupipo MX-06 is the best paddle for novice to intermediate skill level pickleball players. The first thing you’ll notice regarding this paddle is its appearance! It has very appealing colors and also has the ideal size for newbies. Beginner pickleball players require light-weight, medium-sized pickleball paddles that are very easy to maneuver. The Niupipo MX-06 has a total weight of 8oz, has a width of 7.85 inches, and is 10.85 inches in length without the handle.

Despite being one of the most budget-friendly good quality paddles out there, the MX-06 includes a polymer honeycomb core. This polymer honeycomb core is one of the trademark features of the Niupipo manufacturer. Niupipo has spent years creating this core, and it is one of the main reasons their paddles are so highly anticipated. 

Regarding longevity, graphite is one of the most effective materials one can use & all paddles from Niupipo’s MX line are made from graphite. In addition to that, the graphite face gives enough flexibility for far better control. 

To pick a high-quality pickleball paddle, one needs to pay enough interest to grip and also handling. If you don’t feel comfortable with the grip, no matter how pricey the paddle is, you will not have the ability to win the number of matches you wish to. In our viewpoint, the Niupipo MX-06 has among the most comfortable sweat-absorbent grips out there. However, it comes down to personal preferences at the end of the day. The 4.25″ grip circumference is pretty standard. 


The Niupipo MX-06 Pickleball Paddle For Power Players

If you are a power player, the Niupipo MX-06 is among the best options for you. Unlike regular polymer cores, Niupipo’s trademark core has a bit harder feel. The core enables you to generate a great deal of power without using way too much force. Therefore, you will undoubtedly feel significantly more pop with this paddle than the various other paddles in the marketplace. If your playing style relies much more on the back of the court positioning, you will win a great many matches with the Niupipo MX-06. 

Because the core is a bit harder, you could struggle with your placement initially, but you will get accustomed to it in no time. 

How Much Control Does the Niupipo MX-06 Give You

The hard polymer core does not make the Niupipo MX-06 easy to control. That does not suggest it has awful control by any means. You will mainly have a hard time hitting shots with plenty of spin. However, to strike shots with excellent spin, your ability & skill level needs to be at a high degree anyway. For newbie to intermediate-level players, fantastic spin is not a mandatory skill. 

The paddle does a reasonably good job when it involves creating topspin as well as delivering difficult serves. Despite the hard core, the grip assists a great deal in terms of control. The grip is very comfy, and also making shots is as fluent as it gets. If you get accustomed to the hard core of the paddle, you can make the most of the grip to gain more control over your shots. 

Just how Forgiving is the Niupipo MX-06 Pickleball Paddle Exactly 

We wouldn’t say that it’s one of the most forgiving paddles around because we’d by lying. How forgiving a paddle is depends a great deal on control, and let’s face it, the Niupipo MX-06 paddle is not known for its control. 

If you prefer playing in the back of the court, an unforgiving paddle will not be a problem & with this paddle, it isn’t. 

Nonetheless, you will discover it’s difficult to grab a great poach due to the hard core. A hard core is the norm for paddles that are built for power. Generally, this paddle fits power hitters better than touch players. 



If you are trying to select a pickleball paddle for the very first time, this paddle is one of the best you can have at your disposal. It comes at an excellent cost-effective price as well as serves novices to intermediate-level players exceptionally well. Take a look at our reviews of the full range of Niupipo Pickleball paddles to see what other paddles are in the Niupipo stable.

Nonetheless, if you are an even more advanced-level player, you can look at more costly alternatives that have more control. 

In addition, if you are a good player who loves power-hitting, you can give the Niupipo MX-06 a try if you have a budget. However, you won’t get many better alternatives for the price when it pertains to power. Take a look at another great review that we’ve written on the Onix Z5 Pickleball Paddle, another great choice for Pickleball players.


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