Best Pro Kennex Racket Bag Reviews

pro kennex racket bag

Using a Pro Kennex racket bag ensures that your racket sports equipment will be kept safe and secure before, during and after your match or practice session.

Pro Kennex has been a popular manufacturer of tennis, squash, badminton, racquetball, and other racket sports equipment since the 1980’s. 

What To Consider When Choosing A Racket Bag

Before I outline the features of the best Pro Kennex racket bags and give you the information you need to make an informed decision on which Pro Kennex racket bag is best for you.

An essential component of racket sports is your racket bag. You can use your racket bag to store and protect your most prized racquets so you can play your game without worry. You can store all the essentials you need for a long match on the court and you can also protect your other gear. It is important to consider a number of factors when choosing a racket bag. When choosing racquet bags, style, function, and fashion are important factors.

Not all bags are created equal, nor will all come equipped with the features you need for the games you play. A bag that’s too big is just as bad as one that’s too small. Take your gear into account and shop accordingly.

How Many Rackets Will You Be Storing In Your Racket Bag?

There are racket bags that can hold 1-2 rackets or as many as 15  rackets. The 6- to 12-pack racket bag is the most convenient choice for tennis coaches and anyone who needs to carry more than two rackets at a time. The bag should be spacious enough to fit all your gear, even if you only have a couple of rackets. Because badminton rackets are smaller than squash rackets, which are smaller than tennis rackets or racquetball rackets, you should also consider the type of racket you will be carrying in your bag. 

How Much Storage Do You Need?

It is also important to consider storage for important items such as shoes or clothes besides rackets. There are many racket bags that feature a shoe tunnel for keeping squash, tennis, badminton, and racquetball shoes separate from the rest of the bag. Some bags have additional pockets for accessory storage. Check to see if there are any additional pockets inside and out that can hold everything you need.

How Much Protection Do You Need?

You should choose a racket bag that can protect your investment if you have spent a lot of money on your rackets, strings, and other customizations. If you want to reduce damage during transport and storage, look for bags with molded shells or thermal racket compartments.

Let’s take a look at the best Pro Kennex Racket Bags: 


PRO KENNEX Q Gear 12 Racket Bag

pro kennex QGear 12 racket bag



PRO KENNEX Q Gear 12 Racquet Bag Specifications

Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Style: Duffel Bag

Size:  31 x 13 x 14 inches(787 x 330 x 356mm)

Racquet Capacity: 12

Shoe Compartment: Yes – With Ventilation Hole

Pockets: 3 Main Compartments With Large Side Pocket And Small Accessories Pocket On Top

Padded Shoulder Straps: Yes – 2 Shoulder straps  give you the option of carrying the racket bag as a packpack. Can be positioned at the top or bottom of the racket bag

Grab Handle: Yes – At The End Of The Racket Bag

Color: Black, Gray and White Outside. Lumo Green Inside

PRO KENNEX Q Gear 12 Racket Bag Review

Three main compartments allow for the storage of 12 rackets in the Pro Kennex Q Gear 12 racket bag. Two side compartments, plus a spacious center compartment, make up these three compartments. Additionally, one of the compartments has a thermal lining, which helps maintain a constant temperature which protects your rackets and strings. 
In the bottom hatch opening, there is a hole for ventilation and you can put shoes, sweaty clothes, socks, and other items that may be wet or damp.  
With its quick access top zip pocket, the Pro Kennex Q Gear 12 racquet bag is designed to store valuables with ease. 
Additional storage space is provided by a zippered side panel. 
This Pro Kennex racket bag also feature ergonomic shoulder straps which does give you the option of using the straps as conventional shoulder straps to carry over one shoulder or as a backpack  by having one shoulder strap over each shoulder. Pro Kennex does also design the Q Gear racket bag shoulder straps with the option of positioning them on the back or the front depending on your preferences. 
A reflective “Pro Kennex” logo enhances the level of safety for those who walk and cycle to and from the courts.
Those who play tennis, squash, racquetball and have multiple rackets will certainly benefit from the Pro Kennex Q Gear 12 racket bag. The vast amount of space may be too much for badminton players, but if you need to store a lot of clothes and accessories, this bag will be ideal.
In conclusion, the Pro Kennex Q Gear 12 racket bag is a great option for racket sport players of all levels who are looking for a durable and spacious bag to store their equipment. The bag is well-made and has numerous pockets and compartments to keep everything organized. I highly recommend this bag to anyone for a high-quality option at an affordable price.


  • Accommodates up to twelve rackets
  • Quality build materials
  • Padded shoulder straps for easy carry and can be used as a backpack too
  • Separate compartment for shoes and sweaty clothes
  • Attractive design


  • Can be too spacious if you have limited racket equipment and clothes

PRO KENNEX Q Gear 6 Racket Bag

pro kennex QGear 6 racket bag



PRO KENNEX Q Gear 6 Racket Bag Specifications

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Style: Duffle Bag

Size: 31 x 13 x 9.5 inches(787 x 330 x 241mm)

Racquet Capacity: 6

Shoe Compartment: Yes – Has Hole For Ventilation

Compartments: 2 Main 

Pockets: 1 Small Zip Accessories Pocket 

Padded Shoulder Straps: Yes – 2 Shoulder straps can be carried over one shoulder or as a backpack over 2 shoulders

Grab Handle: Yes – At the end of the racket bag

Color: Black, Gray and White outside. Lumo Green Inside

PRO KENNEX Q Gear 6 Racquet Bag Review

 The Pro Kennex Q Gear 6 racket bag is the smaller version of the Q Gear 12 racket bag and is ideal for club and high level junior players who want to store a few rackets, clothes, and other equipment. 
There are two main compartments in this bag for up to six rackets, one of which is thermal lined for protecting your rackets and strings from outside moisture. 
Extra storage is available in the form of a zippered side panel that can fit small or medium sized items. 
Pro Kennex Q Gear 6 racket bags come with a small ventilated compartment for your shoes or wet clothes. 
The racket bag has ergonomic shoulder straps that can be positioned in front or back, and can also be carried as a backpack for ease of transportation. 
Players who bicycle to the courts will feel more safe with the reflective logo on the outside.
The Pro Kennex Q Gear 6 racket bag is a great option for players looking for a durable and spacious bag. The bag features a sizable side pocket and two compartments that can accommodate everything from rackets to clothing and shoes. Additionally, the bag is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability. So, if you’re in need of a new racket bag, the Pro Kennex 6 racket bag is a great option to consider.


  • Holds up to 6 rackets
  • Plenty space for smaller accessories
  • Built with high quality materials
  • Padded interior to keep rackets safe
  • One compartment thermal lined
  • Easy Shoulder Straps
  • Solid zippers


  • Interior compartments not adjustable



In conclusion, the Pro Kennex racket bags are a great option for anyone looking for durable and spacious bags. It has a lot of features that make it stand out from the competition, and it is sure to meet the needs of any player. If you are in the market for a new racket bag, be sure to consider the Pro Kennex racket bags.

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Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set – Best Review Of 2021

Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set

The Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set is what you’ve been searching for if you’re looking to enjoy outdoor sports with your family and friends without too much effort. Are you fed up of cheaply-made and difficult to put up portable nets? Read this review of the Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The Boulder portable badminton net set is great for all kinds of games, including pickleball, badminton, and children’s volleyball.

It is ideal if you like playing these games, but don’t have the time to invest in a net that’s difficult to set up and take down. It’s simple to set up and only takes a few minutes and you’re ready to play. If you want to know what equipment you need for badminton then read our comprehensive article, with recommendations.

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The following pros of owning a Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set are why it’s an excellent addition to any family:


  • Extremely portable

    • It is lightweight, foldable and complete with a robust carry bag.It takes up little space and is can easily fit into your car!
  • Easy to set up and take downBoulder Portable Badminton Net Set

    • The entire set is joined by a  flexibility rope. In just 3-5 minutes you’ll be done and you wont lose any pieces. Place it on a flat surface for best results.
  • The net height is adjustable

    • The user simply has to slide the moveable net upwards or downwards to alter the height to suit various sports. The highest setting is 60.5 inches. This is ideal for badminton. The lowest setting is 34 inches which is perfect for pickleball or tennis. This net is also ideal for children to play volleyball.
  • Rust-resistant material that is durable

    • The strong nylon net and the rust-resistant stand made of painted steel are built to last.
  • Ideal for family fun

    • Sport is the best opportunity to spend time with your friends and family, and this portable net set will bring all the excitement in your yard, your beach or even your driveway camping site.
  • Ideal for kids and adults alike

    • Let your children be introduced to badminton, volleyball and tennis early in their lives using the Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set. It’s fantastic for those who are just starting out wanting to play these sports for fun.

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The Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set is ideal for camping, parties or family vacations. It is constructed from top quality nylon that is resistant to tearing and has rust-resistant painted steel to guarantee long-lasting longevity. The steel which the poles are made from are made with 50% thicker steel compared to Boulder’s biggest competitor.

Thanks to its strong structure, you can utilize it outdoors and indoors without any issues.

The freestanding net is secured using a revolutionary bungee cord design that lets you set it up on any level surface.

It isn’t necessary to unravel ropes or pound stakes down into the ground. It can be easily placed in your driveway, backyard or  even at the beach.

Very Easy To Set Up

Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set is very lightweight and easy to fold and comes with a convenient bag to carry the net set. The net folds down to only 3 feet, so it can be tucked away into the trunk of your motor vehicle to transport it to camping and family vacations. Because all the components of the net set are linked together by a bungee cord, this makes it easy to set up and take down the net. It will take about 3 to five minutes in total. There are no stakes or tools required and even a child can manage it.

Great Net For Various Fun Sportsboulder portable badminton net for tennis

This adjustable portable net isn’t just ideal for badminton, but it is also ideal for other sports too, This includes tennis, pickleball, and children’s volleyball.

The adjustable height of between 34 to 60.5 inches allows you to quickly switch the net from low to high. The net isn’t the best for competitive volleyball since it’s 3ft shorter than a regulation volleyball net. This net’s maximum height is 5 feet 1inch in height, while official volleyball nets range from 7ft to 8ft tall.

Select from 3 sizes

There are 3 widths that you can pick from. Each size is sold as a separate item. Make sure to select the correct size to fit the space that is available. The 17-foot net weighs 10lbs, the 14-foot net weighs 9lbs while the 10-foot net weighs 8lbs.

  • 17 foot net

    • Ideal size for 2-on-2 games where you have large open spaces in which to play.
  • 14 foot net

    • Perfect for games of 1-on-1 between adults or where thee is 1 adult and one child per side.
  • 10 foot net

    • Half the width of a standard court for badminton. This size net is ideal for smaller areas such as driveways. It’s great for 1-on-1 games or games played by young children.

How Do You Adjust The Net Height

Simply slide the net upwards and downwards on the poles. Should you not like to have the poles sticking up when the net has been lowered, then the side poles are able to be folded down in half. When the side poles are folded down, the height of the net is 33 inches(2 feet 9inches).


Customer Reviews Of The Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set

This is by far the best portable net I’ve ever purchased.
It’s portable, easy to carry and tough against the wind. Very good design, even the bag that comes with it is designed well.

Or from The United States


I love love love this set. It’s durable and easy to set up. Customer service is AMAZING. THEY ARE PROMPT AND THE CARE ABOUT THEIR PRODUCT AND BUYERS.

Casey from The United States


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I’m sure it’s become clear from the information we’ve shared about the Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set,  why it is one of the most popular portable net sets currently in the market. This review gives you the information that allows you to make an informed decision on whether the Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set is right for you and your family. If you’ve got value out of this review then please comment and let us know your thoughts.

​Please also read our article, with reviews, of the Best Portable Badminton Net Sets of 2021.




Best Portable Badminton Net Sets of 2021

Badminton racket & shuttlecock by portable badminton net set

Many people are under the mistaken impression that you need to join a badminton club to play this awesome sport. After all, badminton does need a court with a net in the middle, right?

However, it is not totally impossible for you to play badminton in your own backyard if you have have your own badminton net. In fact, if you have a portable badminton net then you can even play badminton with friends & family during your weekend trip to the beach.

All you need to do is to purchase one of the best portable badminton nets that suits your needs which I am going to recommend to you. Take a look at all our Equipment for Badminton recommendations which is a comprehensive guide to show you what you need to enjoy badminton to the fullest.

Portable badminton nets come with light, adjustable stands. Because of their adjustable nature, it is possible to play other sports with the same net. Your portable badminton net can easily be turned into a tennis or volleyball net.

However, you should not expect the same level of efficiency as a regular net from a portable badminton net. To achieve portability, some corners have been cut. Keeping that in mind, let’s have a look at the recommendations of the best portable badminton net that I have for you.

Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set



The first thing you need from your portable badminton net is being able to set it up within minutes. The Boulder Portable Net Set is just perfect for that. It only takes three to five minutes to set it up and start playing. If you are looking forward to getting your kids a portable badminton net set, then this is a great option. It doesn’t require complicated instructions & even children will find it extremely easy to set up. 

The adjustable height of the Boulder Portable Net Set ranges from 34 to 60 inches. That is quite a big range and gives you the ability to enjoy volleyball, pickleball and tennis if you are not in the mood to play a game of badminton. 

The quality of the net is pretty decent in my opinion. Boulder wants this net to last long and that’s why they did a great job of painting steel over nylon to ensure lifetime durability. The net posts are also rust resistant. You won’t see some annoying rust ruining your portable net’s post over time if you purchase this one.

Did I mention that this set comes with a bag as well? It makes it very easy to carry the net set around. 

Overall, it’s a really good Christmas gift for your children if they love badminton. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable for different sports
  • Durable
  • Rust resistant


  • A bit expensive compared to alternatives



Zicon Portable Badminton Net Set



If you need a portable net of the same quality, but need a bit more width for your net then you can go with the Zicon Portable Net Set. It is almost identical to the Boulder portable net set, but gives you the ability to have a wider net to suit your purposes. While Boulder net sets are 10, 14, or 17 feet wide, the Zicon Portable Net Set comes in 13.5, 16.5, or 20 feet wide versions. 

The adjustable height of the Zicon Portable Badminton Net Set ranges from 37 to 63 inches. With this height range, you will be able to easily play other sports that require a net. It pretty much follows the same setup mechanism as the Boulder one, so flexibility won’t be an issue at all. 

I found this net set to be really lightweight. As it is foldable, it won’t become a nuisance when carrying it despite being quite long. The manufacturer has also included a carry bag for the users’ convenience. Like other regular nets, it is made of nylon. The poles are made of stainless steel with a coating of black iron. This sort of construction makes it really convenient to take literally anywhere, as the weather will not cause any damage to it. 

In many ways the Zicon Portable Badminton Net Set is identical to its Boulder counterpart, so the quality is pretty much the same as well. No wonder both of them have made it onto my list. 


  • Wide
  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable for different sports
  • Durable
  • Rust resistant


  • A bit pricey


CYTBP Portable Badminton Net



This is a portable badminton net has one distinct difference to the otherportable badminton nets we’ve reviewed & that is that it does not have any poles. When I heard about it for the first time, I was quite skeptical. To be honest I did not like the design at all. But after playing a few matches with this portable net, I can confidently say that this unique design actually works! 

Instead of poles, the CYTBP Portable Badminton Net comes with a U shaped frame. The net is supported by the two ends of the base. To install the net, you’ll have to open it, put the two bars through the base, connect the rods in a row and use the hook on the wire to connect the hole on the rod. Even though it sounds a bit complicated, trust me, it does not take long at all. Once you get used to the mechanism, you will be able to set this free standing net up in no time. 

The net is made of polyester fiber and PU. The frame contains carbon fiber, stainless steel, and iron. The manufacturer claims this product is drop resistant, rust resistant, and high temperature resistant. Well, I haven’t dropped it or had a game of badminton in the dessert yet, so I can’t confirm these claims but I haven’t had any issues with this net set, considering it’s low price point. This is the best portable badminton net for those on a tight budget.


  • Free standing
  • Easy to setup
  • Rust resistant
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Net width is pretty thin



It was a difficult job to choose three portable badminton nets for my list because there are so many good options on the market at the moment. However, I had the privilege of checking out and playing with a lot of portable badminton nets, and these three specifically caught my attention for the value they provide. If you’re considering investing in a portable badminton net, then take a look at one of these 3.

So, do you play with portable badminton nets? Share your experience with us!

Yonex Nanoray 10F: Best Badminton Racket for Beginners

Yonex nanoray 10F badminton racket

If you are a fan of badminton, then I am pretty sure that you already know that Yonex is the most famous badminton racket brand. Both professional and occasional players love this brand, and the quality of Yonex rackets speak for themselves. You might think that you need to spend a fortune to buy yourself a Yonex badminton racket, but that is not the case. Yonex have some very good quality mid-range badminton rackets. The Yonex Nanoray 10F is most likely the best of the bunch. 

I personally love everything about this racket, so I have decided to explain why I like it so much. I’ve watched plenty of beginner badminton players win loads of matches with this badminton racket, and maybe you can do the same. However, like any piece of sports equipment, it comes down to personal preferences. My aim is to give you the information you need to decide if the Yonex Nanoray 10F  is the badminton racket for you.






Yonex Nanoray 10F Badminton Racket Review

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Type: Power

Length: 27 inches(675 mm)

Flex: Hi-Flex

Balance: Head-light

Head: Square-shaped Isometric

Frame: Graphite

Shaft: Graphite / Nanomesh + Carbon Nanotube

Weight: 4U Average 83g

Recommended String Tension: 19-24 lbs

Grip Size: G4 / G5

Cover: Yes


Key Features

Build, Design and Weight

You may wonder why the name of this product line is ‘Nanoray’, and what the reason behind this is. It refers to the unique shaft construction the ‘Nanoray’ rackets come with. The shaft is a mix of carbon nanotune, nanomesh and graphite. When it bends, it bends at the middle area of the shaft to make the smash as effective as possible.

The first thing you will notice about this great badminton racket is its isometric square head shape. I know some players don’t actually prefer this type of head shape, but I like it a lot. Sure, the sweet spot is not the biggest, but it’s really effective. If you can meet the shuttle with the sweet spot, then you will be able to generate a lot of power. As the Yonex Nanoray 10F is a fairly lightweight racket, it won’t be too difficult to make best use of the sweet spot as well. It weighs in at only 83g. 

Despite the head size not being the biggest, the Yonex Nanoray 10F should not be considered a small racket. With a length of 27 inches, the Nanoray 10F will allow you to reach difficult corners of the court to return the shuttle to your opponent’s half without that much difficulty. 


If you are looking for a racket with flexible stiffness, then this one is an option you should definitely look into. While smashing the shuttle, you will be able to hit the shuttle at your desired angle because of the bend. The smashes won’t be as powerful as the stiff rackets, but the placement will surely be better. Like other good graphite frame rackets, it won’t break or strain under pressure either. 

Another unique design characteristic of the Yonex Nanoray 10f is the thick frame. Which means, though the shaft is flexible, the head is stiff. As a result, the head does the job of generating power while the shaft takes care of placement. It’s a great feature for players who want the perfect combination between power and placement. 

Strings and Grip

You won’t have to worry about stringing the racket yourself, as it comes pre-strung when you purchase it. The tension is, I would say, average. It is set between 19-21 lbs. If you want to increase the tension or install better quality strings, a string tension of 19-24 lbs is recommended. However, I don’t have any complaints with the pre-installed strings, so it’s not a necessity to change the strings until it becomes necessary to do so.. 

One of the major considerations while purchasing a badminton racket is its grip size. No matter how good a racket is, if you can’t hold it with comfort, you will end up not using it in competitive matches. The Yonex Nanoray 10f comes with a standard grip size of G4 or G5, which is neither too thick nor too thin. However, you should purchase an additional grip or overgrip for this badminton racket. The quality of the grip that comes with this racket is not great by any means. It shouldn’t hurt your pocket that much though, as this racket is placed in a very affordable price range. 



Pros and Cons of the Yonex Nanoray 10F

Though this racket is one of my favorites, in order to give you a balanced review it’s important to point out the pros as well as the cons of the Yonex Nanoray 10F. 


  • The Yonex Nanoray 10F comes with a brilliant combination of power and control. Being extremely lightweight, this racket is easy to maneuver. On top of that, the thick head frame can generate some real power! 
  • The reach of this racket is simply brilliant. Beginner players who are still learning badminton, will find it really handy to master chip shots, as well as jump smashes. The fact that it’s a relatively long racket is a real asset for beginners.
  • The sweet spot is just perfect for delivering strong smashes. Sweet spots that are too big don’t generate a lot of power, while sweet spots that are too small are too difficult to play with. The Yonex Nanoray 10F has the perfect balance. 
  • Very important for those new to the sport of badminton, this is the best racket within its price range. Even intermediate to advanced players who are on a tight budget use this racket. 


  • The grip quality of the grip that comes installed on the new racket is not up to scratch. You should purchase a separate overgrip. 


Should You Buy the Yonex Nanoray 10F?

If you are looking forward to buying an all-round racket at a great price, then I would say you should buy the Yonex Nanoray 10F without any hesitation. I have recommended this racket to a lot of beginner players, and all of them absolutely love it. I would not say that this is the best racket from Yonex, but it is the best for the price. If you have slightly deeper pockets, then you should opt for the Yonex Arcsaber 11. Take a look at our detailed review of the Yonex Arcsaber 11.


Real Yonex Nanoray 10F Product Reviews From Customers

It’s important that you hear from actual badminton players who have bought the Yonex Nanoray 10F themselves. Here are some of 5 star Amazon reviews to give you insights into what actual players say about the Yonex Nanoray 10F:

“Got this for my husband and he really likes it. The bat is light weight and has good power. We don’t have to put in so much effort to hit the shuttlecock. If needed we can add an extra grip.”  Review by DD from the US

“Good racket for someone how needs a lightweight racket (head light) with a short reaction time as in doubles play. Its not the best if you are looking the hit back to the opponent’s baseline from yours. Good one for beginners.” Reviewed by Me from the United States



Remember, it is not as good as higher end rackets, and you should not expect similar performance to those higher priced rackets. Beginner players should start with budget rackets like this one, and then upgrade their racket when they become better at badminton. I always prefer affordable rackets for beginner badminton players, as it’s good to get a feel for the sport & start to understand your playing style before investing in a higher quality, more expensive racket. So, for beginner badminton players, the Yonex Nanoray 10F is a no brainer!


If you have played badminton with the Yonex Nanoray 10F then please share your experiences with our readers by writing it in the comments section. Helping the community will be greatly appreciated!

Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racket: Full Review

Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racket

When it comes to badminton racket brands, very few can match the likes of Yonex. Yonex rackets have always been the top choice of professional players from different parts of the world. It’s no surprise that casual players also love Yonex rackets. Tthe Yonex Arcsaber 11 is one of the most celebrated rackets currently on the market. If you are thinking of getting one for yourself, then this is the article you must read before making a decision whether or not to purchase it. Like every badminton racket on the market, it does not tick every single box, so you need to know if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. I am going to explain exactly that. 

If you want to know exactly what equipment is needed to play badminton then take a look at our list & recommendations of equipment for badminton.






Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racket Review

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Type: All-round

Length: 675 mm

Flex: Stiff

Balance: Even

Head: Isometric

Frame: HM Graphite / Neo CS Carbon Nanotube / Sonic Metal

Shaft: HM Graphite

Weight: 3U Average 88g, 2U Average 93g

Recommended String Tension: 3U: 19-24 lbs, 2U: 20-25 lbs

Grip Size: G4 / G5

Cover: Yes

Country Made In: Japan


Arcsaber 11 Product Specifications

Some people consider the Yonex Arcsaber 11 an outdated racket. The point they try to make is, this particular racket is almost 7 years old and was discontinued once. It’s true that this racket is old, but that does not mean it is outdated. Think about this, why in the world would Yonex want to re-endorse a racket that they had discontinued before? It is because this racket can still pack a punch and is loved by so many badminton players across the world. It’s popularity with badminton players & the outcry when it was discontinued is why it was re-introduced. This makes a great positive statement for the Yonex Arcsaber 11, coming directly from badminton players themselves.

In terms of specifications, this racket is a great pick for those players who prefer even-head heavy racquets. The head is very slightly heavier than the grip, and very convenient for beginner to intermediate level players. The stiff shaft provides the additional balance a new player might look for. 

In terms of length, I’d say the Yonex Arcsaber 11 is pretty standard. The grip is in the perfectly balanced range as well, neither too thin, nor too thick. You won’t find any major difficulties holding the racket after wrapping foregrips or overgrips onto the grip. 

The frame is made of Neo CS Carbon Nanotube, HM Graphite, and Sonic Metal. You won’t have to worry about the durability of this racket once you buy it. If you take good care of it, it will serve you for years. 

Compared to average badminton rackets the Yonex Arcsaber 11 has a larger sweet spot because of the slightly larger head size. Most strings will work just fine with this one, but it is preferred to have a string tensions of 2U 20-25 lbs or 3U 19-24 lbs for getting the maximum performance out of the Yonex Arcsaber 11. If you are an attacking player, strings with such specifications will help you perform at your best. 


Pros and Cons

This is going to be a bit different from very brief and short pros and cons you see in regular product reviews on other websites. I would like to give a bit more detail, so that you can make an informed decision if you decide to purchase the Yonex Arcsaber 11 badminton racket. 


  • Probably the biggest advantage of this racket is that it’s very well balanced for players who started playing badminton as a sport recently. Such players are still trying to figure out what sort of playing style suits them, and need a racket that supports multiple playing styles. The Arcsaber 11 is simply perfect for that. 
  • The Yonex Arcsaber 11 comes with a longer than average shaft. In good hands, this racket can reach shots that seem almost impossible. Players who don’t have the height advantage on their side can choose this racket to help them with their reach disadvantages. 
  • While personally I am not a fan of stiff rackets, the fact that the Yonex Arcsaber 11 is a stiff racket does come with very significant advantages. Stiff rackets ensure that no energy is wasted for bending the racket, rather all of it goes into the shot. 
  • As I have mentioned earlier, the Yonex Arcsaber 11 is one of the most durable rackets you will find in this price range. This makes it a great long term investment in your badminton game. If you buy a couple of these rackets, you won’t have to buy new ones for years. 


  • The stiff structure of the racket comes with a caveat as well. It can be difficult for a few players to place their shots where they intend to when they start to use this racket for the initially. If you are already accustomed to using rackets that tend to bend while smashing, this racket might feel a bit uncomfortable to you at first. This can be overcome with time, but whether you are willing to accept a possible drop in performance when first using this racket is a personal decision.
  • The Yonex Arcsaber 11 might not generate the same amount of power as some other rackets which have smaller heads. The large head gives a wider sweet spot, but the tension is spread out. The sweet spot generates comparatively less power than smaller-head rackets. You need to generate some power yourself. 


Who Should Buy the Yonex Arcsaber 11

Now it comes down to the main question, is this racket right for you? It depends on a number of things which need to be considered. If you are a relatively new player or an intermediate player that doesn’t want too much flexibility from your racket, then you should choose the Yonex Arcsaber 11. It is one of the most easy to control badminton rackets on the market, and beginners to intermediate players will absolutely love it. 

Though this racket is a great choice for beginner and intermediate level players, it does not mean that advanced players should not even consider the Arcsaber 11 as an option. There are plenty of advanced players out there who give more importance to control than power. If you are one of them, then there are very few better options than the Yonex Arcsaber 11 badminton racket. Players wanting good control over just pure power will absolutely love this racket.

So in a nutshell, the Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racket is a great choice for those who are relatively new to the sport of badminton & want to invest in a good quality badminton racquet which they can continue to use as they improve over time. I can however also categorically state that intermediate to advanced level badminton players who prefer control over power will truly love the Yonex Arcsaber 11 badminton racquet & should buy it without question.


Real Yonex Arcsaber 11 Product Reviews From Customers

It’s important to hear from those who have purchased the Yonex Arcsaber 11 themselves. Here are a couple of 5 star Amazon reviews to give you insights into what real people say about the Yonex Arcsaber 11:

“If you are an advanced player, you already know racket is not about much new it is, but should be chosen based on balance and purpose. I would say I’m an advanced player and have been training for while. And sometimes get to play with former professional players.
Having said that, this racket is still on my first choice of all Yonex rackets and I love it. I’m a doubles player and I cover net area more often than base line. Racquet is even balance so easy to cut fast return and control is amazing. Power is still enough to finish rally(it’s all about technic but still good).
I would like Yonex to continue this product line or even make similar racket but upgraded version of Arc11. If u r intermediate and advanced player, u should try this at least once then decide what to purchase. And people say this is easy to break? No way. That’s because u r using to much power when u r defensive style and swing too hard. That’s y it breaks when u crash with your partner.
Anyway, I strongly recommend this racquet.”  Review by T.K. from the United States


“Very balanced racket excellent for my style of play where I am mostly defensive and go more for placements and only attack when in good position. This is. Extraordinary racket to return the powerful smashes with good control on placement of the return. I strongly recommend it.” Review by Sanjeev from the United States



The Yonex Arcsaber 11 is indeed a remarkable racket. Sure, you will find some cheaper options which will claim to give you the same benefits, but you should not fall for that. If you go for cheaper ones, you will have to compromise on durability for sure. As this racket is even used by professional players, you should not have any doubt about its quality. The Yonex Arcsaber 11 gives control and stability, if you are looking for a racket with these qualities, then buy the Yonex Arcsaber without hesitation. 


Have you played badminton with the Yonex Arcsaber 11? How was your experience? Share with our readers in the comment section.